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THESE BOOKS CONFORM WITH THE 2019 RULES OF GOLF! These books are made with card stock paper and protected by a glossed, water resistant, card stock cover. They are built to last and to re-use year after year.


Designed by tour professionals, caddies, and instructors, the My Caddie Pro yardage book took the golf industry by storm in the fall of 2015. The Pro can be found on Professional, Amateur and Junior Tours around the world, as well as in back pockets of the weekend golfers aspiring to play better on their local courses. The My Caddie Pro is the preferred yardage book for high school and college golf teams, academies, and golf instructors.


Players now use GPS phone apps to fill their yardage books out prior to going to the course!


My Caddie Pro was voted a top new product by ESPN Golf in 2017.The following describes the features of our My Caddie Pro:


-Players can eliminate costly mistakes designing a course strategy.

-Players can make precise shots by utilizing our club yardage chart.

-Draw detailed sketches of fairways, hazards, and greens.

-Utilize GPS phone apps for fairway and green shapes, depths and yardages.

-Draw slopes and breaks for more accurate putts.Play with more confidence.

-Players learn areas of strengths and weaknesses using our round stat tracker.


Our 42 page yardage book is designed with professional templates including; fairway grid and a green grid. The My Caddie Pro yardage book is currently being used on professional and amateur tours, by university golf teams and junior competitve golfers around the world. We are the chosen yardage book for the Dustin Johnson Golf School, David Leadbetter Academy, IJGA, Hank Johnson Aademy, and other top schools and academies. 

My Caddie Pro 30 Pack

  • Sorry, No refunds. Exchanges are allowed if due to defective items and/or incorrect item shipped.  Sellers pays any additional shipping costs incurred.

  • Shipping rates based on location.  No additional handling fee applied. Item(s) usually shipped within 3 business days.

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